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Please read to following acknowledgement.

Thank you for reading this.
This component, and the others for the Coptic Church, came about from questions at certain forums.
I firstly did all these on my web site at sengers-au.com but later transferred them to the pageshere.com

At present the main ones for the Coptic Orthodox Church.
And they are:

The components and modules for Joomla are never finished.
They will be updated when needed due correction of errors or fixing bugs.
Also new features when suggested will be incorporated if possible and made available to all.
Please also note that these programs are for Joomla 1.5.# and not for 1.0.#
The older version of Joomla is or will be phased out.
Please also note that the current set of components are compliant for PHP 5.3.1 or higher.
Version 5.3.+ of PHP, has many redundant functions etc. over the old versions of PHP
As this version of PHP is now slowly being installed on servers, I just wanted to make everyone aware of that.
In the case of my components, I am unaware of any copyright issues.
All data and text used came to me without any indication of copyright ownership.
And so it should be, it belongs to the people and their religion.

These components will be freely made available to any webmaster of a Coptic Orthodox Church on request.
However, one of the things I ask is a promise to leave this acknowledgement viewable on their site
Changes to the acknowledgement can be made as long as the gist of this is preserved.
Also I ask is, not to grant others to download these components without my knowledge.
And of course, one has to have a suitable CMS to be able to use these scripts.

At present, all is not yet 100% finished and I do not know if all the Arabic text is correct.

It is therefore that I asked visitors to my test site to have a look around and respond, either here or by contacting me.
If you wish, you can contact me by clicking here

As I ask before, please check my efforts and let me know what should be changed.

And, maybe in the future I will try to convert the scripts to other variations of a CMS, if there is demand for it.

By downloading and using any of the components, you do so at your own risk.
I do not take any resposibility for the suitability, security, or whatever when using these components.
You do so at your own risk.
Time permitting, I will try to assist to get the components displaying correctly.
However, due to so many differences in server setups etc. no guarantee.

Chris Sengers


الذهاب إلى :
عرض الشهور القبطية للسكنسار
أيام شهر مسرى
السنكسار باللغة English.

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