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Daily Stories of the Saints for the Blessed Month of El-nasi

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El-Nasi 1 Departure of St.Eutychus
Martyrdom of St.Pishay (Abshai), the Antiochian
El-Nasi 2 Departure of St.Titus, the Apostle
El-Nasi 3 Commemoration of the Angel Raphael, the Archangel
Martyrdom of St.Andrianus
Departure of St.Yoannis XIV, the 96th Pope of Alexandria
El-Nasi 4 Departure of St.Leparius, Bishop of Rome
Departure of St.Poimen, the Hermit
El-Nasi 5 Departure of St.James, Bishop of Misre
Departure of the Righteous Amos, the Prophet
Departure of St.Barsoma, the "Naked"
Departure of St.Yoannis XV, the 99th Pope of Alexandria
El-Nasi 6 A Thanksgiving to God

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